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Almond Blossom

With The Wellness Of Nature

Treat yourself


Are You Looking For



That lasts all day long

Organic Ingrediants


Chemical free perfume

Captivating Fragrance


Captivating  fragrance

Gifts for Organic Product Users


Filled with wellness benefits

Choose Tag

Long Lasting

The fragrance of Tag is long lasting as the perfume blends with  your skin and stays longer liberating a sense of freshness throughout the day creating your unique identity.

Essential Oil

Essential oils were used in ancient times for making unique luxurious perfumes . Tag goes back in time to reinvent this ancient art of making perfumes from natural essential oils.


Nature has so much in-store, and the availability of more than 100 types of essential oils gives Tag a huge scope to offer a wide variety of perfume blends with its unique  wellness benefits. 


Tag's beautiful bottles are very adorable and they are packed in a durable and sustainable nature friendly external packing. We also provide gift wrapping and  gift hamper services.

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