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About Us

"Perfumery is an Art!

It is an art of creating not just fragrances but is an art of creating emotions, feelings, attitude, and identity”

Tag is a unique artisan perfume brand that is formulated with blends of organic essential oils. Tag stimulates your olfactory system, makes you smell and feel good. Since Tag is curated with a blend of natural essential oils it carries all the wellness benefits of nature that are infused in the essential oils. 

Tag improves concentration, lifts your mood, and relieves tension, and energizes you all day long. Made with pure plant extracts and essential oils, our products are guaranteed to leave you with a feeling of being drenched in the benefits of nature. 

We offer a wide variety of blends that we curate and customize to meet your specific needs. Our perfumes have evolved synonymous with quality and uniqueness, and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic perfumes that fits everyone's budget. Check it out and start shopping today.



Feel The Tranquillity

Pamper Your Soul!

With Tag Organic Lavender Perfume

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