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How to get long lasting fragrance from Tag.

We all love to smell fresh all throughout the day. We choose our perfumes to give long lasting fragrance freshness. Tag's organic fragrance are made out of essential oils. These essential oil based perfume blends with your skin and the fragrance stays with you all throughout the day. To get the best out of Tag's perfume follow the below tips.

5 Secret tips for getting long lasting fragrance

1. Apply your perfumes on your pulse points. Apply perfumes directly on your skin on the the nape of your neck, behind your earlobes, inside of your elbows, wrists, or the back of your palms and knees.

2. Apply right after your shower. Apply perfumes right after your bath. This ensures that the perfumes are absorbed well when the skin is soft and gives you the best results.

3. Apply a base balm. Apply Tags solid perfume as a base on the pulse points before you use the spray perfume. This acts as a moisturizer and the holds the perfume to last long. Vaseline could also be used as base balm but Tags solid perfume is totally chemical free and gives the best results.

4. Don't Rub the perfume. The one practice which most of us follow is to rub and spread the perfume once we apply it. This breaks the perfume notes and make makes the fragrance disappear quickly.

5. Store your perfume in cool dark place. After every use ensure to keep your perfume in a cool dark place. The should not be placed in direct or excessive light source. The ideal place for storing your perfume is your wardrobes.

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